35 students were asked to create teams to create a campaign for the United Nations Youth Envoy. We are working to tackle climate change, global inequality, and empowering youth.

The Ask

Build momentum towards the united nations global summit while empowering young people with the information and resources to step up specific climate action.

The Solution

Team: Andrew Sakuda - strategy | Laurel Martin - strategy | me - art direction

The Execution

Print Ads

Reach the Masses

No matter how much someone is rushing, they will always stop to read or watch something that catches their eye. Creative visuals and bold headlines will foster unique impressions and encourage people to want to learn more on their own.

Claim the Streets

Street art has grown to be more than just graffiti. It’s a globally recognized contemporary medium for artists to showcase their talent. Contracting artists to create pieces that highlight the positive results of climate action can create buzz and impressions around the world. Artistic pieces are also easy to share via social media and word of mouth.

Build a Community

Partnering with brands who want to make sustainable changes along with companies whose products are at risk due to effects of climate change can take time off our audience’s hand when it comes to taking direct action within our local communities.