Currently our target demographic sees lululemon as a women’s athletic apparel company. Moreover, not enough men know that lululemon sells menswear.

The Ask

Develop a marketing plan for lululemon menswear that focuses on speaking to a new guest while operating within the current decentralized brand model.

The Solution

The Team: Josh Ryerson - Producer + Designer | Kat McMahon - Media planner + Designer + Copywriter | Jacob Parris - Producer + Designer | Olivia Peek - Art director + Designer | Alyssa Gilbert - Account + Strategist | Me - Art director + Designer + Copywriter

The Execution

Podcasts Ads

Podcasts are on the rise. With low barriers to entry, almost anybody can make their own podcast these days. 68% of podcast listeners said they wouldn’t mind a few extra ads playing so that their favorite podcasts could continue. Our demographic appreciates getting information through word of mouth, so these advertisements would feel as though they are a part of a conversation and not a pre-scripted generic ad.

Tinder & Bumble

Meet Lulu! Our very own Miss Lulu Lemon is on Tinder & Bumble and she has special surprises for men who match with her. Most people that match with Lulu will receive a link to shop directly on the lululemon men’s website. A few gentlemen will have the opportunity to meet up with Lulu where they will be outfitted in our clothing and go on a lululemon sponsored adventure!

Mobile Pop-up Dressing Room

The dressing rooms will be a virtual adventure. The walls will turn into whatever adventure he desires with the push of a button. This allows him to better understand the versatility of the product. Once outfitted in lululemon clothing, he will be able to experience sweat happening in real time.

Our Strategy Thought Process